Vehicle or Motor Insurances

Private car / 4-Wheeler Insurance
We’re sure that if you own a vehicle, you would know that Liability insurance is COMPULSORY for a Motorised Vehicle.
However, there are some great value add-ons that you can opt for to protect your vehicle as well.

Plan types /Vehicles covered /What we offer /How we Select a plan for you

  • Comprehensive Regular Cover Covers own damage to vehicles. Depreciation on vehicles, plastic, and other parts may apply. Applicable sub-limits / restrictions on Engine and other claims.
  • Zero or Nil Depreciation Covers (Bumper to Bumper) Depreciation can be waived off.
  • Consumables Cover To cover the smaller items like lubes, oils, bolts, etc which may be required during the repair.
  • Additional P.A Cover For the passenger, driver, owner, etc.
  • Vehicle Replacement In case of a total loss.
  • Personal Belongings in Vehicle cover Personal items kept in the Vehicle.
  • Engine Protection Plan To cover specific coverages like Hydrostatic Lock. Recommended for high-end cars.
  • Key & Lock Replacement Cover In case of claim / Damage / Breakage due to insured conditions.
  • Towing charges To the nearest Garage for repairs and claim processing.
  • 24X7 Roadside assistance In case of breakdowns.
  • Stranded Cover Overnight stay and Cab Fare – In case of breakdowns.
  • Stranded Cover Fuel Delivery – In case of breakdown.
  • Third-party legal damage cover For damages to a third-party – Individual or Property.
  • Private Cars Insurance Any Motorized vehicle in personal or company name (White or Black Number Plates)
  • Ola/Uber/Taxi/Cabs Insurance Fleet Any commercial passenger vehicle collecting rent for services (Yellow number Plate)
  • School Buses Insurances Owned by the Institute or third party
  • Commercial Vehicles Insurances - Any goods/passenger vehicle used for commercial purposes collecting rent for services (Yellow Number Plate)
  • Transport Vehicles Insurances – Trucks Insurance, trailers Insurance, Multi-axle Vehicle Insurance, Ground Cranes Insurance, Construction Cranes Insurance, JCBs Insurance, etc.
  • Farm Vehicles Insurance, Tractors Insurance, Farm Trailers Insurance, Crop-cutters Insurance, etc.
  • Luxury Vehicles Insurance / Vintage Vehicles Insurance - Any Vintage vehicle with a valuation report.
  • Policy renewal Insurance – Renew your Old policy here. Upload your policy and RC to get a Quick Quote or just Whatsapp us
  • Special Plans: Insurance Plans with Vehicle tracking devices to track your Vehicle & Usage Statistics
  • Experts in Vehicle Insurance for More than 2 Decades!
  • Personalized Recommendation of Best and most Suitable plans for your Vehicle Insurance
  • Competitive Insurance Premiums
  • Hassle-free End-to-End Support for your Insurance Claims
  • The Best in class Insurance companies
  • Recommends companies with Cashless Garages for Motor Insurance Claims
  • Types of Vehicles covered
  • R.S.Insurances & Investments Value Add

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