Health Insurance or ‘Mediclaim’ as it is popularly called, is perhaps the most relevant insurance for you. There are almost 29+ General insurance Companies offering almost 100+ types or Mediclaim like plans? How do you know which one is the best

Mediclaim Individual Plans

  • Individuals If you’re single, we’ve got some competitively priced plans for you.
  • Wellness Programmes Don’t just use Mediclaim during Hospitalization. Use your Mediclaim so that you NEVER HAVE TO GO TO HOSPITAL. Wellness programs for you to keep fit. And the Icing on the cake? You get discounts on the premiums too. Get in touch with us
  • Reset Benefit Sum insured exhausted during a year? Reset/Recharge benefit reinstates the Sum insured for a different Insured Hospitalization in the same year
  • Free Health Check-ups Keep a tab of your Health. It’s a thank you from us for Staying Fit
  • Pharmacy Discounts Get Discount coupons for buying medicines at our Partner Pharmacies
  • Obesity & Bariatric treatment cover Additional Coverage for Life threatening Obesity requiring Bariatric surgery

Mediclaim Family Plans
  • Couples Get proper coverage for you and your spouse.
  • Family plans covering upto 20 Relationships Cover your Wife, Children, In-laws, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, All together. Family get together just got a new meaning!
  • New born baby cover Cover your New Born from Day 1 if you have this cover. Also ask us for Mid-term inclusion of your child and if your Mediclaim is still not up for renewal
  • High Coverage plans Upto 6 Crores Rupees Coverage limit of Six Crores Rupees. So you never have to worry about Medical bills. EVER
  • Long term plans (upto 3 Years) with discounts Get attractive dscounts (upto 10% of premium) on Long term policies. Lock-in your premium rate for three years
  • Maternity And/or Miscarriage Cover Includes Maternity Hospitalization coverage as well as for Miscarriage or Legal abortion.
  • Worldwide Coverage Cover Coverage for Emergency Medical care while travelling abroad. For a more comprehensive coverage, please check Travel Insurance
  • Double Bonus Add-ons No Claim Bonus (NCB) Multiplier plans where Bonus goes as high as 150% of Sum Insured. So 10 Lac plan becomes 25 Lacs inclusive of No Claim Bonus
  • Infertility Treatment Cover Add to cover IVF treatment on OPD Basis

Mediclaim Senior Citizen Plans
  • Mediclaim at ANY age Get Mediclaim even if youre 99 Years. Enjoy your Golden years without worrying about
  • Medical bills.
  • Senior Citizen Plans Plans specific for Individual and Couples above 60 Years
  • You have a Pre-Existing Illness? No problem! There is Mediclaim available for you. Get in touch with us.
  • Super Top up Plans
  • Top-up mediclaim Covers Top-up & Super Top-up Plans for people already having a Mediclaim
  • Plans for Working Executives who already have Mediclaim Already have a Mediclaim? Think it may not be enough? Add coverage to your existing plans with a Super Top-up Covers.
  • Get a super top-up plan from Any Company with more benefits than your existing plan
  • Plans with Special Covers
  • Dental & Ophthalmic Cover Add ons which are otherwise not covered in a regular Mediclaim.
  • Accidental Hospitalization Cover Specific to only Accidental Hospitalizations. Can also be taken as a part of a Comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance
  • Daily Cash Add on Add on available in case Hospitalization stay is extended for a longer duration
  • OPD Expenses Cover For expenses other than Hospitalization like Doctor’s consultation, Scans & Tests, Medicines etc
  • Organ donor covers Medical expenses paid for the Donor of the organ
  • Hazardous/Adventure Sports Hospitalization Coverage For Hospitalization due to Participation in Adventure Activities which is not otherwise covered in a regular Mediclaim. Can also be taken as a part of a Comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance
  • Ayush treatment Coverage For non-allopathic Hospitalization treatments
  • HIV & AIDS Cover The first of its kind in India. For Hospitalization & Subsequent treatment related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Dengue Plans & Covid Plans
  • Cancer / Heart Care Plans
  • Critical Illness Cover Get Lump-sum amounts for Diagnosis of Insured Illnesses.
  • Cancer Cover Lump-sum Benefit plans specific for Cancer diseases.
  • Group plans for Company Employees, Workers, Clubs, Gymkhanas, Trusts, Societies Etc

How is a Mediclaim plan advised by R.S.Insurances

A mediclaim for you can be recommended on the following basis:

  • Insured’s Age & Number of members
  • Occupation
  • City of Residence or Preferred City of Treatment
  • Previous & Current medical history
  • Family History
  • Personal Hospitalization history
  • Premium budget

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