Cancer Cover

Cancer Insurance can be taken as follows:

As a part of a Critical Illness cover we cover Mediclaim

A Critical Illness Cover is similar to an individual Cancer cover,however, a Critical illness plan will cover other Critical Illnesses like Heart Stroke, Major organ Transplants, etc

This one comes as an add-on to Life Insurance Cover

As a part of  a  Comprehensive Health Insurance or Mediclaim 

The most comprehensive and wise cover according to us. Most Mediclaims cover cancer at any stage and pay for the treatment up to the Sum Insured

Plan Features: How we Select a plan for you

Available from the age of 18 Years However, Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans cover children from the age of 3 Months if parents are covered.

No Waiting Period Cover Some companies may cover Treatment with a post-waiting period of 30 Days only.

Treatment for Chemotherapy / Radiation These claims are generally ‘Day-Care’ claims. You can get these expenses covered by some companies.

Less Premium term, More Coverage You may select a limited payment term and then the cover can continue Lifelong.

Waiver of Premium Clause A features that if the disease is detected, then the future premiums are waived off, while the cover continues.

Multiple claim benefits You can avail of plans in which the Sum Insured will be renewed every year, hence the eligible claims can be taken multiple times

A Cancer and/or Heart Cover for you can be recommended after considering.

    ·        Insured’s age & Number of members

    ·        Occupation

    ·        City of Residence or preferred City of Treatment

    ·        Previous & Current medical history

    ·        Family History

    ·        Personal Hospitalization history

    ·        Premium budget

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