Mutual Funds

Systematic Investment Plan

If You Invest Monthly

For a Period


With Expected Return Of

Amount Invested


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What are Mutual Funds? – Break the Myths

Mutual Fund Myth

  • Only Experienced People Should invest
  • Big amounts are required to Invest in Mutual Funds
  • Mutual funds only Invest in Stock Markets
  • Mutual Funds Have to be invested for Long Term and cannot be withdrawn
  • Mutual Funds are not Available for Tax Saving


Your funds are taken care by professionals. You needn’t be one

You can start with as low as Rs 500/-.

There are different Types of Mutual Funds

  • Equity/Stock Based Mutual Funds (Equity, Large Cap, Hybrid, Balanced Etc)
  • Non-Equity/Stock Based Funds (Bond Funds, GILT Funds, Liquid Funds)

You can Invest & Withdraw from Mutual fund even for one day

There are different types of funds for Tax Savings Like ELSS Funds for TAX Savings under Section 80C upto Rs 1,50,000/-

Systematic Investment Plans – What are they?

Calculate your SIP returns

Mutual Funds V/s Fixed Deposits

Its like Wealth Creation V/S Wealth Protection. Fixed Deposits are a good way to protect your hard earned Money. Mutual Funds, help better Optimize the Post Tax returns on your Investments. So plan properly. Take help of our Portfolio Planning Services 

Mutual Funds for retirement

Calculate your Retirement corpus with the Help of our Retirement Calculator and know how much you need to invest on regular basis to have a comfortable, well-planned Life!

Tax Savings Mutual Funds or ELSS Funds

Mutual Funds’ Equity Linked Savings Schemes are one of the best Tax Savings products available in the market today. They not only have a tax saving angle, but also better chances of Investment returns. Call us today to plan your Tax Savings more efficiently 

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