Personal Accident Protection

There were more than 400 Cases of SERIOUS ACCIDENTS reported EVERYDAY in the year 2016 as reported by The Times of India dated 13th April 2017. That’s a whopping 1.46 Lakhs accidents a year.

Types of Plans

  • Only Death Cover In case of accidental death, the sum insured is paid to the nominee. Plans start at Rs 1328/- per annum for a 25 Lacs basic cover. These premiums are not age-related.
  • Death + Permanent Total Disability Cover (PTD) For covering Death + Loss of major limbs as per the scope of cover
  • Death + PTD + Partial Total Disability Cover (PPD)In case of loss of any limb partially. This claim is paid as a percentage of the Total cover depending on the loss of the limb/s
  • Death + PTD + PPD + Temporary Total Disability Cover (TTD) Cover for temporary disablement which may render a person inactive to earn a livelihood temporarily. A claim can be taken for up to 100 weeks
  • Coverage for hospitalization in case of Accident (Over and above the Mediclaim Limit with no waiting periods)
  • Coma Cover In case the insured goes into a coma state requires Life support measures to sustain life, Permanent neurological deficit.
  • EMI Payment Cover Up to 3 months of EMI cover in case there is a Partial disablement that restricts the capability to do continue livelihood activities and procure earnings.
  • Fracture Care This extension is available for Fracture injuries. Claims are paid as a %age of the sum insured depending on the type of fracture
  • Loan Protector Cover In case of Death or Permanent disability, you may claim a waiver of the total pending loan
  • Air & Road Ambulance Cover
  • Adventure Sports Cover First of its kind cover for recognized adventure sports activities that may result in death or Permanent Disability
  • Long-term plans (up to 3 Years) with discounts Get attractive discounts (up to 10% of premium) on long-term policies. Also, lock in your premium rate for three years
  • Plans for Working executives who already have medical Already have a Mediclaim? Think it may not be enough? Add coverage to your existing plans with a Super Top-up Cover.
  • High Coverage plans Upto 5 Crore Rupees Coverage limit of Five Crore Rupees according to your Income.

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