Home Insurance

Your Home is your Haven. Protect it with a Home Insurance plan with the following coverages.

  • Fire Cover Fire due to any uncertain reasons like short circuits.
  • Burglary Cover Burglary Cover for Contents of the house.
  • Act of God Perils Natural Calamities like Earthquakes, Storms, Floods, etc.
  • Coverage for Civil work
  • Breakdown of your electronics equipment due to an insured peril
  • Include your Jewellery & Precious items in your home cover
  • Also include your Art, Paintings & Curations as a part of the coverage
  • Jewellery can be included as worldwide coverage
  • Get Temporary Settlement Cover God to forbid if your home gets damaged due to an insured peril, you may opt for this kind of cover so that you can stay elsewhere while your house is repaired
  • Get Reinstatement value Cover or Agreed Value cover Your House, your price. Give your house the right value according to you and insure it for that amount

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